Where Will El Anatsui Exhibition Travel To Next?

Where does El Anatsui live?

El Anatsui is a sculptor from Ghana who currently lives and works in Nigeria. He transforms simple, everyday materials into striking large-scale installations.

Does El Anatsui work alone?

He flattened and fastened the aluminum caps together to create massive compositions. Because these mosaics would take hundreds of thousands of man hours to do alone, El Anatsui employs a team of assistants who work with him in what he describes as a “collaborative and contemplative setting.”

What is the purpose of El Anatsui?

El Anatsui (b. 1944 Ghana; lives and works in Nigeria) transforms simple materials into complex assemblages that create a distinctive visual impact. His typical material palette includes discarded resources such as liquor bottle caps, printing plates and cassava graters to create sculptures that defy categorization.

When did El Anatsui move to Nigeria?

El Anatsui moved to Nigeria in 1957 where he began his career by working with wood in a series of burnt, incised and painted panels.

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What is the training of El Anatsui?

He trained at the College of Art, University of Science and Technology, in Kumasi in central Ghana. His work with sculpture and wood carving started as a hobby to keep alive the traditions he grew up with. He began teaching at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, in 1975, and has become affiliated with the Nsukka group.

How does El Anatsui benefit from being in Nsukka?

El Anatsui’s ability to leverage international capital to patronize local suppliers and materials has positive benefits for the local economy of Nsukka.

What does El Anatsui say about the studio space?

“I try to impress upon them that a studio is a sacred place,” El Anatsui tells Art21, explaining that although he has lots of help to assemble the immense textured works, ultimately he is involved in every step of the production. “For each new pattern or texture… I show them how it’s done,” he notes.

What type of art does El Anatsui do?

what is referenced in El Anatsui’s Old Man’s Cloth? the colonial history of Africa, the impact of consumerism, the enduring power of Ghanaian culture and the fragility of Ghanaian culture.

What year was between earth and heaven created by El Anatsui?

“Between Earth and Heaven,” created in 2006, refers to the West African tradition of strip-woven textiles, in particular the kente cloth made by Akan and Ewe weavers in Ghana. These classical textiles are both monumental in scale and highly sculptural.

What does El Anatsui use as his medium?

Throughout his career Ghanaian artist El Anatsui has experimented with a variety of media, including wood, ceramics and paint. Most recently, he has focused on discarded metal objects, hundreds or even thousands of which are joined together to create truly remarkable works of art.

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Why did anatsui use mirrors?

Broken Bridge II-El Anatsui The mirrors act to reflect the surroundings of the High Line.

Who is the most famous musician in Ghana?

Top 10 Famous Ghanaian Musicians

  1. Sarkodie. Sarkodie, also known as Obidi is a hip-hop artist whose real name is Michael Owusu Ado.
  2. Reggie Rockstone. Reggie Osei popularly known as Reggie Rockstone is regarded as the Godfather of Hiplife music.
  3. Batman Samini.
  4. Ayigbe Edem.
  5. Obrafour.
  6. Kwaw Kesse.
  7. Tic Tac.
  8. Christiana Love.

How are El Anatsui’s artworks influenced by Kente cloth?

In many ways, Anatsui’s work recalls traditional African kente cloth, which is made by weaving long strips into a patchwork whole. Anatsui’s beautiful quilts of silver and dull gold transcend their materials to become a metaphor for shifting contexts and images of Africa.

Which African visual artists work is entitled The Throne of the stars?

Gonçalo Mabunda | Throne of the Stars (2017) | Available for Sale | Artsy.

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