Readers ask: Why Does Basil Hallward Not Want To Put The Portrait In An Exhibition?

Why does Basil Hallward not exhibit his picture?

Basil feels that by painting such a portrait he has revealed his own soul and his own personality. The portrait has become too personal and too intimate to allow strangers to view it. Basil believes that exhibiting the portrait would somehow be a violation of his own privacy because it reveals too much about him.

Why does Dorian not want Basil to see the portrait?

Basil translates these highly emotional and physical feelings into his art; his act of painting is an expression of his love for Dorian. This romantic devotion to Dorian becomes clear when he admits his reason for not wanting to exhibit the painting: he fears that people will see his “idolatry.”

Why does Basil not exhibit the portrait of Dorian in Chapter 1?

Why does Basil not want to exhibit the portrait of Dorian, according to Chapter One? Basil claims that he cannot show the work in public because he has put too much of himself into it. You just studied 60 terms!

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What does Basil Hallward threaten to do with Dorian’s portrait?

Basil curses the painting as “an awful lesson,” believing he worshipped the youth too much and is now being punished for it.

What did Basil get too much of into the picture?

For this reason, Basil uses the words I will not bare my soul to their shallow, prying eyes. Moreover, when Basil confesses that he has ” too much of himself” in the picture, he is admitting to the homoerotic admiration that has led him to display Dorian in such a flamboyant and exact fashion.

What does Basil believe only God can see?

Basil wants to hear Dorian deny the accusations against him. Basil says that he can’t believe the rumors when he sees Dorian’s innocent and pure face. However, he needs to know the truth, to see Dorian’s soul; but, as Basil says, only God can do that. He agrees to allow Basil to see his soul — the portrait.

Why does Dorian Gray kill Basil?

Dorian ends up killing Basil because of his curiosity about Dorian’s life. Basil recognizes that the unity of body and soul, something that he had desired to bring through his own art, is reflected in the painting. The unity of both means that the painting reflects the depravity within Dorian Gray.

Did Dorian Gray kiss Basil in the book?

The most explicit scene in the novel is Basil’s confessional monologue in a private salon, where he professes his devotion to Dorian. Instead of subtly leading Basil to his confession, Dorian steers the conversation away by kissing Basil, who eventually gives in to his passion and succumbs to a sexual encounter.

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What sins did Dorian Gray commit?

Throughout the story, Dorian commits many sins, for example, using his influence to ruin others’ lives and the murdering of Basil Hallward. However, Dorian’s appearance is still young and beautiful because the portrait suffers from all the sins he commits but not him.

Is Dorian Gray in love with Lord Henry?

Men do have relationships with women in the novel— Dorian falls in love with Sibyl and Lord Henry himself is married —but the novel’s heterosexual relationships prove to be rather superficial and short-lived. If the novel is homoerotic, it is also misogynistic.

What does basil agree to exchange for Dorian’s secret?

Basil finally agrees not to exhibit the portrait and leaves. At the end of the chapter, Dorian marvels at how he was spared from telling his own secret and, instead, managed to manipulate his friend into telling his secret. He vows to keep the portrait hidden away forever.

Does basil like Dorian Gray?

Basil Hallward is a talented, though somewhat conventionally minded, painter. His love for Dorian Gray changes the way he sees art; indeed, it defines a new school of expression for him. Basil’s portrait of Dorian marks a new phase of his career.

How was Basil killed?

In anger, Dorian blames his fate on Basil and stabs him to death. Dorian then calmly blackmails an old friend, the scientist Alan Campbell, into using his knowledge of chemistry to destroy the body of Basil Hallward. Alan later kills himself.

Why does Basil try to destroy the canvas?

Why does Basil try to destroy the canvas? He does not want the painting to ruin the relationship between the three of them. He says the painting is now a part of himself.

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Why does Basil want to destroy the painting?

Basil decides to destroy the portrait rather than have it upset the lives of the three men, but Dorian stops him. He reminds Lord Henry that he trusts him not to influence Dorian further. Lord Henry laughingly responds, “I wish I could trust myself.”

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