Readers ask: What Does It Mean To Finish In The Lava In Guild Exhibition In Forge Of Empires?

How does the guild expedition work in Forge of Empires?

Guild Expeditions is a cross- platform cooperative feature where you and your guild mates forge your way through a number of locations to acquire personal rewards and guild power. Expeditions begin automatically every Tuesday and last for 6 days.

How do you unlock the next level in Guild expedition?

To open Difficulty II, III, and IV, a guild leader/founder will have to unlock it for every new expedition (every week) using goods from the guild treasury. Everyone can donate goods, but spending them is limited to leaders/founders.

How are Guild expedition points calculated?

Those who negotiate in the guild expedition receive Ranking Points for the goods used in the negotiations. For collecting from the Arc, the Atomium or the Observatory a player receives Ranking Points as their goods are donated to the guild treasury. If you play regularly you will receive these Ranking Points every day.

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How do you get diamonds in Forge of Empires?

Some Story Quests and side quests have a certain amount of diamonds as rewards. Some recurring quests, event quests, story quests, and side quests have a random reward which can be diamonds. The chance to earn diamonds is around 1% However players can earn diamonds only once per each different quest.

How do you get higher points in Forge of Empires?

A great building like the “Hagia Sophia” (Early Middle Age era) allows you to earn one forge point at Level 1 and 6 forge points upon reaching level 10. The amount will exponentially increase after every 5 levels. You can also get Forge Points from various Quests, Guild Expedition, Events, and Daily Rewards.

How do you earn guild expedition points?

Forum Moderator The guilds can be from any server. The highest three guilds receive a guild power boost at the end of expedition. The guild in first place receives a 25% boost to the guild power, second place receives a 15% boost to the guild power and third place receives a 10% boost to the guild power.

What does Guild power do?

Guild Power helps to level up a guild, which in turn offers more goodies and kickbacks to all current members.

What does Guild power do in FoE?

As your guild progresses in level, you get rewards that every guild member profits from. Guild Power. When the necessary amount of guild power is collected and the progress bar is full, the guild level automatically increases by one.

How many points can you get at GE?

“Every time we call in, it gives us a point, and you’re allowed up to seven points before you get fired,” she said.

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What is the guild support pool in Forge of Empires?

Guild (GvG), the Support Pool is a component that is used along with the Support Factor to determine the Support Bonus in a province. The Support Bonus boosts your defending (and sometimes siege) armies in your sectors.

What is prestige in Foe?

A guild’s prestige consist of the sum of the prestige bonus the guild receives from the guild level + the power of all sectors owned by the guild (GVG) + 18 times the guilds league points (GBG – max 1000).

How do you succeed in Forge of Empires?


  1. Plan ahead.
  2. Do not let any of your Forge Points lapse.
  3. Make sure to get goods as early as you can.
  4. Use your goods deposits and trade for profit in the market.
  5. Use your building site effectively.
  6. Get all the expansions you can – they never expire and are essential for development.

Is FoE helper allowed?

In not so many words, this ban has confirmed that using the Chrome extention: FoE Helper, Excel, or even the basic Windows 10 calculator are considered illegal third party programs by InnoGames.

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