Quick Answer: Who To Take On Deep Roads Exhibition?

Should you take Carver to deep roads?

User Info: Roninzeta. Carver is a complete tool and deserves to die. Take him into the Deep Roads, and don’t take Anders with you. If Anders is there, you have the option of saving Carver by making him a Warden.

Should I take Bethany to the Deep Roads?

You’ll lose Bethany after Act 1 no matter what you do, if you don’t take her to the Deep Roads she gets taken by the Circle, if you take her she either dies or, if you have Anders with you, gets made into a Grey Warden, the Grey Warden seems to be the best choice since that’s the only way she’ll end up rejoining you

Where can I find Bartrand?

The task in this quest is to bring Bartrand 50 sovereigns. The dwarf can be found in [Hightown – Merchants’ Guild] #1 (M3, 6) and if you go there before rising the funds, you will only have a short talk with him.

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What happens if you dont bring Carver to the Deep Roads?

Taken on the Deep Roads If Carver comes with Hawke to the Deep Roads, he contracts the Taint. If Anders was also brought along to the expedition, the mage reveals that a group of Grey Wardens are nearby. If Anders is not present, or if Hawke chooses not to seek out the Wardens, Carver must be killed.

Can both Carver and Bethany survive?

You can keep Bethany and Carver alive, Hawke just has to die then you watch the rest of the game play out as a series of cutscenes…just like Final Fantasy!

Will Bethany die in the Deep Roads?

Taken on the Deep Roads If taken on on the Deep Roads expedition she contracts the taint and dies unless Anders is in the party, in which case she is recruited into the Grey Wardens.

Does Bethany always die?

No, you cannot keep Bethany in your party. She will always leave. However, you can determine her fate. If you are a warrior or rogue, do not take her with you at the end of Act 1 unless you also bring Anders.

Did Bethany die in the final battle?

Did Bethany die in the Final Battle? Depending on whom Hawke sided with for the final battle, Bethany will appear at the end, assuming she survived the trip from Lothering. Hawke can opt to allow Meredith to kill Bethany if Hawke sided with the Templars, meaning Bethany does not survive the final battle.

Should I tell Varric to kill Bartrand?

Result. The fate of Bartrand Tethras in Dragon Age Keep Either Bartrand is killed or spared. If he is not healed, Varric advocates for killing him. If Anders heals Bartrand, Varric wants him to live.

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How do you befriend Varric?

Approach Varric when you can and at some point he’ll be writing something. Choose any dialogue option (none of them have approval changes) and when he comments that he never officially joined the Inquisition, respond with: ” Just be my friend.”

Is DuPuis the killer?

Gascard DuPuis is dead As he couldn’t have been responsible for the shade attack on Emeric, the conclusion is that he was not the killer; the only storyline impact is the restriction imposed in the later quest, All That Remains.

How old is fenris?

She was married to him for 2 years, before Zevran killed him and she became a pirate. She says she’s been a pirate for 10 years in 9:31, meaning she was born in 9:01. This would make her 30 years old. Fenris: There is no solid information to help base an assumption on how old Fenris is.

Is Anders a GREY warden?

Regardless of the events of Awakening, Anders becomes a Grey Warden, meets Justice and survives. He says that the Wardens forced him to give Ser Pounce-a-lot to a friend in Amaranthine because it made him too soft.

How do you keep Bethany alive in the Deep Roads?

User Info: GForce9x

  1. You bring her on the deep roads. If you have Anders with you she will become a Grey Warden and leave until the near end of the game.
  2. You bring her on the deep roads. Without Anders, she dies.
  3. You leave her out of the Deep Roads.

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