Quick Answer: When Is Phoenix Art Museum Doing Van Gogh Exhibition?

What are the dates of the Van Gogh exhibit in Phoenix?

Van Gogh Exhibit Phoenix

  • 4301 N. Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Date: August 26, 2021 to November 28, 2021.
  • Price: $39.99.

Where is the Van Gogh exhibit Phoenix?

Located at 4301 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (Corner of N. Scottsdale Road and E 5th Avenue), Lighthouse Artspace will be transformed into an unforgettable art experience where the art of Vincent van Gogh will come to life around you.

How long is the Van Gogh exhibit in Phoenix?

The walk-through exhibition is an hour long and features original music by Italian multimedia composer Luca Longobardi. “It really combines three things.

How much are tickets for the Van Gogh exhibit in Phoenix?

‘Immersive Van Gogh’ in Phoenix Tickets: $39.99-49.99 per person.

Is the Van Gogh exhibit coming to Phoenix?

Lighthouse Immersive and Impact Museums announce the Phoenix premiere of their highly sought-after art experience Immersive Van Gogh opening Thursday, July 29th, 2021. Official Tickets will be available at www.VanGoghPHX.com with prices starting at $39.99.

How long does the Van Gogh exhibit last?

How much time do I need to see the exhibition? The multimedia part of the exhibition lasts 35 minutes but there is also an introductory part so we recommend staying at least one hour. Once inside, you can enjoy the experience as long as you want.

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Does the Met have Van Gogh?

The Met offers a rare chance to see all the Van Gogh canvases in its European paintings collection. Vincent van Gogh, Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat (1887). Other paintings that have been traveling since all 16 Van Goghs were last seen together include The Flowering Orchard (1888) and Cypresses (1889).

What do you wear to the Van Gogh exhibit?

7 Tips For Visiting The Immersive Van Gogh Experience

  • Get a Flex Pass.
  • Ask for earplugs (or bring your own)
  • Wear comfy clothes to sit on the ground.
  • Wear flats (no heels)
  • Come High.
  • Stay for at least an hour.
  • Make sure flash is turned off on your phone.

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