Quick Answer: What Was The Purpose Of The International Cotton Exhibition?

What was the result of the International cotton Expo?

It planned to show the progress made since the city’s destruction during the Battle of Atlanta and new developments in cotton production. It demonstrated the rebirth of Atlanta and the South by announcing an end to the Reconstruction Era and the sectional hostilities that had plagued the nation for several decades.

How did the international cotton expositions benefit the city of Atlanta?

These expositions helped Atlanta stake its claim as the center of the New South and helped relieve regional sectionalism that may have been lingering after the Civil War.

What was an effect of the International Cotton expositions in the late 1800s?

They allowed the state to demonstrate new products. They gave the state a chance to show off new inventions. They enabled the state to show off its new civil rights.

What did the 1881 International Cotton Exposition held in Atlanta contribute to?

What was the main purpose of the International Cotton Expositions held in Atlanta during the New South Era? to encourage northerners to invest in southern industries.

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When were the International Cotton expositions held?

Oct 5, 1881 – Dec 31, 1881 International Cotton Exposition was a world’s fair held in Atlanta, Georgia, from October 4 to December 31 of 1881. The location was along the Western & Atlantic Railroad tracks near the present-day King Plow Arts Center development in the West Midtown area.

What famous people attended the International Cotton Exposition?

800,000 people visited the 6,000 exhibits. They saw the Liberty Bell, and celebrities, like Buffalo Bill and “March King ” John Philip Sousa, who wrote “the King Cotton March” especially for the occasion. On opening day, Booker T. Washington delivered his controversial “Atlanta Compromise” speech.

In which years were the International Cotton exhibitions held choose 3?

In 1881, 1885, and 1895, Atlanta was the site of three International Cotton Expositions.

How many foreign countries had an exhibit at the International Cotton Exposition?

The Exposition was open for 100 days, beginning on September 18, 1895 and ending December 31, 1895, attracted visitors from the U.S. and 13 countries. Over $2,000,000 was spent on the transformation of Piedmont Park.

Which description most clearly defines the meaning of the phrase New South?

Which description most clearly reflects the meaning of the phrase New South? The South began to change in the areas of business, industrialization, agriculture, race relations, and social change. You just studied 47 terms!

What was one effect of the 1906 riot in Atlanta?

Growth of Atlanta This resulted in a dramatic increase in both the African-American population (9,000 in 1880 to 35,000 in 1900) and the overall city population (from a population of 89,000 in 1900 to 150,000 in 1910) as individuals from rural areas and small towns sought better economic opportunities.

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