Question: How To Cite Exhibition Catalogue In Chicago Style?

How do you cite an exhibition Catalogue?

Reference examples Family name, INITIAL(S) (of author or editor). Year. Title of exhibition, venue, date. [ Exhibition catalogue ].

How do you cite an exhibition?

To cite a museum exhibition, follow the MLA format template. Include the exhibition’s name as the title of your source, followed by the opening and closing dates of the exhibition and the museum and city as the location: Unbound: Narrative Art of the Plains.

How do you cite media in Chicago style?

Author First Name/Initial Surname, Multimedia Title (Place of Publication: Publisher, Year), Format, URL.

How do you cite a forum in Chicago style?

Online forums and mailing lists Include the author, the title of the thread, the name of the forum, group or site, the date and time of the post, and a URL. Don’t include email addresses. If the post was to a private forum, it should be cited as a personal communication.

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How do you cite in CMOS?

Chicago style citation in the bibliography: Last name, First name. “Title of Article,” Journal Title Volume Number, No. of issue (Year): Page range.

What is catalogue reference?

noun. A catalogue intended for research or consultation on specific items.

How do you reference an exhibition text?

b. To cite materials posted at a museum, use the following style: Format of information (wall text, object label, brochure), Gallery Name, Number or Exhibition Title, Museum Name, City, State.

How do you cite an online art exhibition?

To cite an artwork from an exhibition, follow the MLA format template. Provide the name of the artist as the author and the title of the work. List the exhibition’s name as the title of the container, followed by the exhibition’s opening and closing dates.

How do you cite a museum exhibition in Chicago?

Citing Museum Labels

  1. For object labels: Artist, Title, Medium, Date, Accession number.
  2. Author of text / Curator of exhibition (if known)
  3. Name of exhibition / Name of museum department.
  4. Museum name and location.
  5. Dates of exhibition / Date of visit.

How do you cite Facebook in Chicago style?

How to cite a Facebook post in Chicago

  1. Author(s) of the post: Give first the last name, then the name as presented in the source (e. g. Watson, John).
  2. Text of the Facebook post: Give the title in quotation marks.
  3. Date of posting: Give the month, day and year of publication.

How do you cite a TED talk in Chicago style?

Author-Date Year. “Title of Ted Talk.” Filmed Date in Place of Filming. TED video, length of recording, URL.

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Is footnote a referencing style?

References in the body of your essay. Chicago 17th A uses a footnotes and bibliography format of referencing. Footnotes require you to mark the in-text citation with a superscript number and provide a reference citation within the footnote. Throughout the document these are numbered in sequential order.

How do you cite a lecture in Chicago style?

If you are citing a class lecture, include your professor’s name, title of the lecture in quotation marks, the course number and name and the location and date.

How do you do footnotes in Chicago style?

How Do I Format Footnotes in Turabian/Chicago Style?

  1. Each footnote should appear at the bottom of the page that includes its numbered in-text reference.
  2. For note numbers in the text, use superscript.
  3. Indent the first line of each note half an inch like a paragraph in the main text.

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