Often asked: Why Do An Exhibition Case Back On A Quartz?

What is an exhibition case back?

A watch case back is the rear cover of the case. But many watch enthusiasts eventually want at least one watch with an exhibition case back. The exhibition back is a window into the layers of a watch’s automatic movement.

What is exhibition case?

An exhibit, in a criminal prosecution or a civil trial, is physical or documentary evidence brought before the jury. The artifact or document itself is presented for the jury’s inspection. The main concept behind correct evidence handling is that the item recovered is the same as that produced in the court room.

What is case back?

The back of a watch, often referred to as a “caseback”, can reveal several ‘hidden’ parts compared to the front side. Hidden lugs or several parts of the movement for example. The front side of a watch is dedicated to display the time in a distinctive and legible way; it is the top priority.

What are the types of exhibition?

Let’s discover the different types of exhibitions:


What is exhibit in legal document?

A document, photograph, object, animation, or other device formally introduced as evidence in a legal proceeding. An attachment to a motion, contract, pleading, or other legal instrument. An object or collection shown publicly, such as in a museum.

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What is the difference between exhibit and evidence?

An exhibit is something, some object, produced in evidence. Evidence is something that contributes to knowledge of what happened. Proof is evidence that is sufficient to demonstrate the certainty of something. These words also have other meanings and uses.

What are the parts of a watch called?

Parts of a Watch

  • Bezel. The ring surrounding the watch face.
  • Case. The housing of the watch.
  • Crown. The “little knob on the side of the watch” used to set time.
  • Crystal. The clear portion of the watch face that protects the dial, hands, etc.
  • Dial. The part that actually displays the time.
  • Hand.
  • Hour Marker.
  • Lugs.

How do you fix your watch if it stops working?

If your watch stops working, a watch service technician will check the battery first and the state of the contacts to the battery, and if it is a dead battery, they will usually be able to replace the battery there. Although it is the most common reason, we don’t advise you to try to replace the battery on your own.

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