Often asked: Which Exhibition Format Withoutabox?

What format do film festivals want?

Digital cinema package (DCP) As the primary format for most film big festivals, DCP is all but ubiquitous. If you’re planning on using this format, start by contacting a professional post-production house, like Deluxe Technicolor.

What happened to withoutabox?

Last Friday, IMDb announced it would close Withoutabox (WAB), with submission services disabled September 16, 2019. It’s the end of an era: In 2000, WAB brought the internet to the film festival submissions process and revolutionized it forever. Withoutabox also had a patent-protected monopoly.

How to qualify for sundance film festival?

In order to qualify as a U.S. Narrative Feature Film, the submitted project must be either scripted or improvisational fiction, or a fictionalization of actual events, and at least half of the project’s financing must originate from within the United States.

Can you submit a rough cut to Sundance?

However, the project does need to be complete enough for us to make a decision. If you expect that your final version will be 90 minutes long, it’s probably not a good idea to send us a 45-minute rough cut.

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How do you get selected for film festivals?

Submitting to Film Festivals

  1. Highlight personal threads.
  2. Give your film a hook.
  3. Seek out connections.
  4. Give your film the time it needs.
  5. 10 Tips from Oscar-Nominated (and Winning) Filmmakers.
  6. 6 Filmmakers Share Their Advice for Project-Winning Treatments.
  7. 5 Things Every Filmmaker Should Know Before Making Their First Feature.

How do you get into film festivals?

4 Ways to Get Your Film Accepted into Film Festivals

  1. Have something to say. Film festivals aren’t a place for mindless entertainment or (for the most part) a showcase of production value.
  2. Keep it short.
  3. Enter a lot of festivals early.
  4. Find an interesting hook.

Is FilmFreeway safe?

Absolutely. By default, only you and festivals you submit to can view your projects. We use industry-leading technology to assure that your online screeners are streamed securely and cannot be downloaded or shared without your express permission.

What is FilmFreeway gold?

FilmFreeway Gold is a premium service that allows FilmFreeway Gold members to receive special discounted pricing to hundreds of verified Gold festivals and more. FilmFreeway Gold members receive: – 10% to 50% off entries to all Gold festivals. – Free Submission Protection for all entries to all festivals.

How does film freeway work?

FilmFreeway is 100% free for events that don’t charge entry fees. Festivals that charge entry fees and use FilmFreeway as your exclusive submission method pay a discounted commission of just 4%. Festivals that charge entry fees and use additional submission methods pay a simple commission of just 6%.

How much does it cost to enter Sundance Film Festival?

Tickets are only $20 per show, but when you see a show at Sundance, you get to sit in on a Q&A session with the director and some of the cast members as well!

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How much does it cost to enter a film festival?

The average cost to enter a short film into a film festival is around $27. Entrance fees for of a feature film into a film festival will generally cost an average of $40. As you will see in the list we provide below, rates can and do vary significantly based on the individual film festival.

Can anyone go to the Sundance Film Festival?

Sundance Institute works to make each of its venues physically accessible for all Festivalgoers. All Festival venues and theatres are accessible.

How much does it cost to submit a film to Cannes?

Cannes Film Festival Submissions Cannes Film Festival actually has first, second, and third late fees associated with festival submissions. The cost to enter the Cannes Film Festival will run: Between $50 and $450.

How many short films does Sundance accept?

A Sundance short requires the length of the film to be 49 minutes or less, though the average is usually between seven and 15. They can be narrative, animated, documentary or anything art-driven and experimental. Only 60 short films are chosen from a submission pool of around 9,000—all due on September 15.

How do I submit to TIFF?

All submissions must be submitted online via FilmFreeway: https://filmfreeway.com/TIFF. Online screeners or downloadable files received via email will not be accepted. FilmFreeway allows for direct digital uploads, Vimeo links, or YouTube links.

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