Often asked: Where Is Security Room Exhibition Level The Surge?

How do I get to the executive level of the surge?

Move forward towards the security door. There is a single guard and a drone. Defeat them and use the door. Go to the elevator that will take you to the executive levels.

How do you get into the factory surge?

Reach the power station Then go to the left and upstairs. The second stairs will lead you behind the building. There you can see door to the power station. You can get there through the factory as well, but this path is more comfortable (you don’t need to walk in the dark).

How many bosses are there in the surge?

Bosses in The Surge are powerful Enemies that present a tougher challenge to players. There are a total of 5 Bosses in The Surge, 2 additional ones in the DLC A walk in the Park and 3 in the DLC The Good, The Bad and The Augmented. They are listed below in the order in which they appear.

How do you beat the second boss in the surge?

Position yourself underneath the Firebug for a quick second, and the boss will perform a slam attack onto the ground. Your goal is to dodge this attack, and then dodge back towards the boss to hit it quickly while it’s still recovering.

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How many levels does surge have?

The Surge features an approximately 40+ hour campaign spanning 7 core mission zones (Abandoned Production, Central Production B, Resolve Biolabs, Research and Development, Executive Forum and Nucleus). Each of these areas is further broken down into a series of named areas.

What is proficiency in the surge?

Your Weapon Proficiency is the measure of how well you handle a class of weapon. The amount of additional damage you will do from your proficiency with a given weapon is dependent on that specific weapon’s Proficiency Scaling.

How many endings does surge have?

Upon its defeat, the player is presented with two different endings: if a plot-critical audiolog was recovered and uploaded into the rocket’s payload, the nanites will be rendered inert.

How many weapons does the surge have?

There are five different weapons types you can collect over the course of the game, each with dozens of different weapons to use. Each weapon type is tailored toward a certain style of play, so it’s best to pick a weapon that matches your preferred style.

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