Often asked: What T Station Boston Convention & Exhibition Center?

Does the T go to East Boston?

How far is the subway station from East Boston in Boston? The nearest subway station to East Boston in Boston is a 3 min walk away.

What are Boston’s major convention centers?

The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) is among the largest exhibition centers in Northeastern United States, with 516,000 square feet of contiguous exhibition space and 84 fully-configurable meeting rooms with 160,000 square feet of space and a 40,020 square foot ballroom.

How much is parking at the Boston Convention Center?

The convention center offers self-parking for $15 per vehicle in its south parking lot. Valet parking is also available during most events for $25.

What is the Hynes Convention Center used for?

Best Located Convention Facility in North America The Hynes Convention Center gives you industry-leading technology and services in the heart of Boston’s charming and historic Back Bay neighborhood.

Is the T in Boston free?

You’ll pay a normal subway fare to ride. The Silver Line and Massport Shuttle from Logan Airport are both free. The Silver Line picks up and drops off at every terminal and connects to the Red Line at South Station. Transfers to the Red Line at South Station are free.

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What does the T stand for in Boston?

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (abbreviated MBTA and known colloquially as “the T”) is the public agency responsible for operating most public transportation services in Greater Boston, Massachusetts.

How much does it cost to ride the T in Boston?

To ride the T, you need to purchase a CharlieCard or CharlieTicket. These can be purchased at most subway stations at vending machines and at select convenience stores. The basic fare is $2.90 with a CharlieTicket or $2.40 if you have a Charlie Card. Kids 11 years and younger ride free!

What are the two convention centers in Boston?

Go for the gold. When you meet at the BCEC or the Hynes Convention Center, you’re in two of the best convention facilities in the world. Both have achieved Gold Standard Certification from the International Association of Convention Centers.

How long is the Boston Convention Center?

This roof structure, which spans 180 ft. and cantilevers 65 ft. at each end gives the venue an elegant and virtually column free exhibition space, which is a true marketing advantage in the competitive business of attracting large conventions.

Who owns the Boston Convention Center?

Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority owns and operates the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, and The Lawn On D.

Where is Boston hope?

“Boston Hope” Medical Center Opens at Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. On Friday, April 10, the first patients are to arrive at Boston Hope, a medical center recently constructed inside the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The hospital was constructed inside the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

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When was the bcEc built?

AbOuT THE bcEc Exhibition Center opened in June of 2004, it has created quite a buzz.

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