Often asked: What Makes An Exhibition Popular Zoo Tycooon?

How do you increase exhibit suitability in Zoo Tycoon?


  1. To increase your exhibit rating you need to put the animal in an appropriate sized enclosure with other animals that it is compatible with and provide terrain, foliage, rocks, and cliffs/hills in proportions that your animals like.
  2. Make sure everything is perfect. (

How do you make a good zoo in Zoo Tycoon?

How do you make a good zoo in Zoo Tycoon?

  1. Build several exhibits and put inexpensive animals in it.
  2. Build donation boxes, about one for each exhibit.
  3. Get several guests going into your zoo and then build a food court with one food stand, one drink stand, and a few benches and trash cans.

Can guests die in Zoo Tycoon?

A guest is a person that interacts with the player’s zoo. Guests range from adult women, adult men, young women, and young men. Male guests can die if placed in an exhibit with a predatory marine animal (an orca for example, exclusive to the first game) or in a carnivorous dinosaur exhibit (such as Tyrannosaurus rex).

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What is the point of Zoo Tycoon?

Design, build and manage your zoo. Keeping your animals happy will keep your guests happy, and happy guests means more money flowing into your zoo. With up to 4 friends joining in on the fun online, together you can all take part in the creation and management of your zoo.

How do you make flamingos happy in Zoo Tycoon?

In Campaign and Challenge Mode, it is adoptable when a zoo reaches a rating of 1 star.

  1. Habitat. Flamingos prefer lots of water in their exhibit.
  2. Diet. The only food that the greater flamingos eat is shrimp.
  3. Enrichment. Flamingos like to play with the rubber ball.
  4. Shelter.
  5. Behavior.
  6. Guests.

Is Planet Zoo as good as Zoo Tycoon?

Planet Zoo is extremely customizable, which is great for players with keen attention to detail, but those looking for a more straightforward experience might be better off with Zoo Tycoon.

Can you build your own zoo in Zoo Tycoon?

Zoo Tycoon lets you build up and manage and zoo right from its humble beginnings, and lets you choose how to go about building it up to attract more visitors, and by that same token, make you a ton of money.

How do you increase guest happiness in Zoo Tycoon?


  1. If you have a decent amount of money, try lowering your prices. This will make the guests far more happy.
  2. Similar problem with the Surf and Turf scenario. Guest happiness rarely goes above 70.
  3. When a guest exits a restaurant, their need-meters are maxed.

How do you pick up guests in Zoo Tycoon?

Click on the guest then click the hand I believe is what it is or else you can pause the game then double click him/her. ragtag answered: You can only pick up guest in complete collection I think, but I no you can’t pick them up in the original game.

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Can you mod Planet Zoo?

Planet Zoo is an action video game which supports mods. The most important thing that we offer Planet Zoo mods for PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4 are compatible with various game consoles so there should be no problems.

Do animals die in Zoo Tycoon Xbox?

Moebelle Well-Known Member. Orangutans and Gibbons, they can’t die.

Is Zoo Tycoon easy?

It’s easy and accessible fun, but Zoo Tycoon has a long way to go before it has the depth to make it rewarding. As cute and entertaining as Zoo Tycoon can be, too much of the simulation is behind the glass. You’re free to look, but any sort of compelling interaction is kept out of reach.

Does the new Zoo Tycoon have dinosaurs?

Players let their imagination run wild, as they build the most amazing zoo filled with dinosaurs and tremendous ice age beasts. Manage more than 20 all-new awe-inspiring creatures, including a T. rex, velociraptor, and even a saber-toothed tiger.

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