Often asked: How To Beat The Blitzball Exhibition Matches?

Is it possible to beat Luca goers?

Yes, very easy. On the first half just pass the ball around and hide behind Keepa until time runs out. On the second half wait until the 1:30 minute mark and use Jecht Shot for a guaranteed goal.

Is it possible to win the blitzball tournament?

re: Is it possible to win the first blitzball game? Yes it is, while not entirely easy it is possible. The best way to this is to switch to Manual A settings so that you control the players. The computer will only screw you over and over.

What happens if you beat the Luca goers?

If you win the match against the Goers, he hands his teammates the Crystal Cup, the champions’ prize, instead of passing off a regulation blitzball.

What is the best blitzball team in FFX?

Final Fantasy X: The 10 Best Blitzball Players In The Game

  1. 1 Larbeight. Larbeight is an incredibly strong forward and has the highest shooting stat in the game at level 99.
  2. 2 Nimrook.
  3. 3 Ropp.
  4. 4 Tidus.
  5. 5 Kiyuri.
  6. 6 Brother.
  7. 7 Wakka.
  8. 8 Nedus.
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Can you win blitzball with Tidus?

Yup. Best way to do it is to make sure you learn the Jecht Shot on the ship ((When all the quotes pop up and you have to press the right directional button)) then get the ball to Tidus. Get to the far goal and try to make sure they only have two defenders, then Jecht Shot it.

How do you get the ball first in blitzball?

at the start idk but after each goal the team who didn’t make the goal gets the ball. and after half time the losing team gets the ball.

How do you beat the first blitzball?


  1. The absolutely first thing you have to do is press triangle and shut off automatic.
  2. Then you get the ball by any means necessary.
  3. Pass the ball between your backliners until the Goers fall back to their starting positions and Abus isn’t blocking Tidus.
  4. Start passing between Tidus and the closest backer.

Is it important to win the first blitzball game?

^No you don’t. Anyway, the strength sphere for winning is quite useful. In the scene afterwards Wakka will be holding the Crystal Cup instead of a blitzball and a few NPC’s say different things. Not too important.

Is blitzball necessary?

No. But a lot of Blitzball is required to fully power up one character’s best weapon. Other than that you need not touch the game ever again after the initial Luca match.

Do you have to win the blitzball game?

The story line will proceed without winning the game. No real impact if you do not win. However, you do get a strength sphere to help you characters become more powerful (STR+4) which is helpful at that point in the game. Also, you will likely want some of the prizes you can get via blitzball before the game is over.

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How do Blitzball players breathe?

they don’t breath underwater, that is explicit in the game. They just hold their breath for those 5 minutes and can do ninja moves while at it.

Can you get the jecht shot later?

User Info: 1shadetail1 1) You only have one chance to learn it *before the first game*. After the game, however, you can go back and try again if you didn’t get it the first time.

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