Often asked: How Much Is A Exhibition Stand At The World Of Concrete In Las Vegas?

Is World of Concrete 2021 Cancelled?

After discussions with key stakeholders and feedback from industry-leading concrete and masonry associations, World of Concrete made the proactive decision to reschedule WOC 2021 from January to June. WOC will now take place June 8-10, educational offerings June 7-10, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

How much are World of Concrete tickets?

Your Cost: $95 $25. Don’t miss the commercial construction industry’s first, largest and most important annual event for concrete and masonry professionals worldwide!

Who can attend World of Concrete?

During normal show hours, persons 17 years old and under will be admitted only with parental supervision – children 17 years of age and under will NOT be admitted into seminar meeting rooms. THIS RULE IS STRICTLY ENFORCED. Persons 18 years old and over must register and pay in order to receive a badge.

What does concrete mean in ELA?

Concrete words refer to tangible, qualities or characteristics, things we know through our senses. Words and phrases like “102 degrees,” “obese Siamese cat,” and “deep spruce green” are concrete. ABSTRACT: To excel in college, you’ll have to work hard.

How many people will attend World of Concrete?

Exhibit at the largest annual international event for the concrete and masonry industries, attracting more than 60,000 professionals —key decisionmakers seeking better ways to get the job done. WATCH OUR NEW WOC 2022 ATTENDEE PROMOTIONAL VIDEO!

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Where is the World of Concrete held?

The World of Concrete is an annual trade show for the commercial construction industry. It is held each year either in the months of January or February for four days in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event is a show where products, resources, and information related to concrete construction are shared and displayed.

What do you know about concrete?

Concrete is a ubiquitous building material composed of cement, coarse and fine aggregates, and water. It is available in many forms ranging from dry premix sold in bags to ready-mixed delivered by truck from a batching plant. It can be formed on-site or delivered as precast beams and similar structures.

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