FAQ: What Was Special About France’s World Exhibition Of 1889?

What artistic style emerged from the French World Exhibition in 1889 which introduced images music and dance from many non-western cultures?

stravinsky rite of spring. French World Exhibition of 1889 introduced visual images, music, and dance from many non-Western cultures to artists and composers in Paris. Early jazz was primarily an improvised music that was not formally composed using traditional notation.

What instrument plays the opening melody?

The opening melody is played by a solo bassoon in a very high register, which renders the instrument almost unidentifiable; gradually other woodwind instruments are sounded and are eventually joined by strings.

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Why were film specific scores rare in the early 20th century?

been common in past movie scores. Why were film-specific scores rare in the early twentieth century? Because it was expensive to hire a composer to score the film and it was expensive for theaters. to rent scores and hire musicians to play them.

What did the ballet The Rite of Spring depict quizlet?

What does the Rite of Spring depict? An adolescent girl has been chosen as a sacrifice and must dance herself to death.

Who are some famous jazz musicians associated with the bebop style?

The movement originated during the early 1940s in the playing of trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie, guitarist Charlie Christian, pianist Thelonious Monk, drummer Kenny Clarke, and the most richly endowed of all, alto saxophonist Charlie “Bird” Parker.

Which two scales have been used for almost all Western melodies?

In Western music, two scales have been predominant-major and minor. The development of harmony is central to Western music.

Is it hard to create melody?

It’s not hard to write a melody. You can create one just by picking a few random notes on a keyboard.

Which instrument is best for melodies?

Coolest Instrument to Play?

  1. Drums. If you are a percussion lover, this is one of your best options.
  2. Xylophone. Another percussion instrument for enthusiasts that are looking for something more melodic; this is the instrument.
  3. Sweet Flute.
  4. Harmonica.
  5. Ukulele.
  6. Piano.
  7. Guitar.

What instrument is heard in this song Cowboy?

The accordion is used primarily in conjunto, tejano and cowboy musics.

Who made the most film scores?

our top film composer of all time is Max Steiner. The Vienna-born composer Max Steiner almost single-handedly created the art of film music with groundbreaking Hollywood scores in the early 1930s.

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What are the two types of music in a film?

In most analyses, how film music is used is divided into two categories: diegetic and non-diegetic.

What is considered Philip Glass operatic masterpiece?

minimalism. 39. What is considered to be Philip Glass’s operatic masterpiece? 39.

Why was there a riot at the first performance of The Rite of Spring?

Perhaps the uproar at the premiere was a sign of disquiet, a feeling that the world had lost its moorings, and that barbarism was about to be let loose in the streets. Given that the First World War would soon break out, that feeling wasn’t so wide of the mark.

What is the most notable feature of New Orleans jazz?

Traditional New Orleans jazz is band music characterized by a front line usually consisting of cornet (or trumpet), clarinet, and trombone engaging in polyphony with varying degrees of improvisation (without distorting the melody) and driven by a rhythm section consisting of piano (although rarely before 1915), guitar

What is it called when a chord has two simultaneous tonal centers?

traditionalist. When a chord has two simultaneous tonal centers, it is called. polytonal.

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