FAQ: What Is The Class Education Exhibition What Type Of Projects Do The Children Work On?

What is the purpose of the class education exhibition in Red Scarf Girl?

The purpose of the meeting, which was scheduled by the school’s Red Guard Committee, was to discuss a planned Class Education Exhibition to “expose the class enemies’ evil and remind (them) of the misery of the old society and (their) happiness today”.

Why does Ji-Li decide to join the group preparing the class education exhibition despite her family background *?

Why does Ji – li decide to join the group preparing the Class Education Exhibition, despite her family background? She wants to be different from her family because she doesn’t respect them anymore. Ji – li tells her friend Lin-lin about how Ji – li’s father has been detained.

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What do Ji-Li’s parents do with some old photos and why?

What do Ji-li’s parents do with some old photos and why? They rip them up because the photos show people in fancy attire. They burn them because the photos show people in fancy attire. They burn them along with the clothes in the photo because the clothes were old-fashioned.

What tasks did the neighborhood dictatorship groups perform?

What tasks did the Neighborhood Dictatorship Groups perform? They were suggested names of possible black category families. They also monitored black category members, recorded visits to their homes, watched the morning repentance, supervised their alley sweeping and patrolled the neighborhood day and night.

What was the class education exhibition?

The class education exhibition as a genre drew on the techniques used in preceding displays. Intended for the masses, such exhibitions were didactic and visits were ritualistic; the jiezhan was deemed a classroom for class education.

What happened in Red Scarf Girl?

Red Scarf Girl, written in 1998, is an award-winning memoir written by Ji-li Jiang that’s about the author’s childhood in Communist China during the Cultural Revolution. The story is set in Shanghai, China. She eagerly anticipates a future working for Chairman Mao’s New China and his Communist Party.

Why do Ji Lis classmates think she needs to remold herself?

Why do Ji-li’s classmates think she needs to remold herself? They think that she is full of four olds in her life, and they want her to disconnect from her Landlord grandfather and her family.

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What did some of Ji Li’s classmates think about Aunt Xi Wen?

She liked it fifty percent and the other fifty percent, she didn’t like this treatment. She kind of liked it because Xi-Wen always wear make-up even though she’s old. She didn’t like it either because Xi-Wen was her aunt, how could she face her aunt.

How does Ji Li change over the course of her story?

As the story progressed, Ji Li developed alterations in her relationships with her peers at school, the perception of her goals and responsibilities in life, and knowledge of her family history in relation to her class-status in the community.

Why do Ji-Li’s parents Fire song Po-Po?

Why do Ji-Li’s parents fire Song Po-po? She was bad at her job. She was a rightist. They did not want to be accused of exploiting her.

Why does Ji-Li’s family burn old photographs?

A mop outside on the balcony will mean not to come back. A couple days later, Ji-li is told to go play outside while her parents burn pictures. Simply having photos of four olds can get you in trouble now, so her parents are burning anything that might be incriminating.

Why does the family drag four trunks out to the roof?

Why does the family drag four trunks out to the roof? Ji-yong says they can borrow a pedicab if your family is sick, so he runs around the corner and fetches one. Even though she doesn’t work for them anymore, Song Po-po still lives downstairs and wants to stay in touch with the family.

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What are the five black categories in Red Scarf Girl?

Cultural Revolution Starting from the “Red August” of 1966, people in the Five Black Categories were separated out for struggle sessions, humiliation, re-education, beating, and persecution.

What do the drums and gongs mean in Ji Li’s neighborhood?

where the people in the Black Categories have to wave Communist propaganda and confess their supposed crimes. What do the drums and gongs mean in Ji-li’s neighborhood? that the Red Guards are ransacking homes.

Why did the Red Guards search Ji Li’s home and ruin it?

Why did the red guards search ji-li’s home and ruin it? He was pushed onto a wash board and had to kneel on the washboard all day long while the red guards searched his house. He fainted from heat stroke.

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