FAQ: What Is Hdcam Exhibition Format?

What format for film festivals?

The most commonly-used formats at film festivals include Digital Cinema Packages, digital files and 16 mm film.

What format to export for film festivals?

DCP (Digital Cinema Package) has become the primary format for most festivals. The near universal transition at every theater has made the format ubiquitous. You should definitely contract a professional posthouse, such as Deluxe Technicolor.

What is DCP format?

A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is a collection of digital files used to store and convey digital cinema (DC) audio, image, and data streams. The composition consists of a Composition Playlist (in XML format) that defines the playback sequence of a set of Track Files.

What is KDM in cinema?

A KDM ( Key Delivery Message ) is a small file generated by content mastering facilities (like Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema for example) and then sent to cinemas to unlock their content for playback.

How much does a DCP cost?

A feature-length DCP usually costs between $1000 and $3000. The variance in cost depends on the runtime of the film and special options such as editing, encryption, 3D, 4K just to mention a few.

How long does it take to convert to DCP?

Although you may expect rapid service if you are Martin Scorsese, most filmmakers can expect to wait 3 to 5 days for a post house to create a DCP (plus shipping if drives need to be sent).

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Do film festivals ask for release forms?

Yes. If you are making a documentary film or video and you are interviewing someone you always need to get a release form from them. Even if it’s obvious that they consented to being filmed.

What is international premiere?

International Premiere is somewhat of a broader concept. On the one hand, it is the first screening outside the country of origin. On the other hand, it is a screening at an international festival. If you send the movie to “Kinotavr”, then the festival in Locarno will also show the movie.

Do indie films have premieres?

For many independent filmmakers, whether or not their film reaches the big screen means everything. They may have had a premiere in a theater, and played in film festivals, but they never announced a theatrical release for paying customers.

What does a DCP look like?

This is what a DCP looks like on your computer: A DCP is simply a folder containing a set of specific MXF and XML files. At the highest level, a DCP is a collection of various files that when combined into the same folder, allows the playback server in the theater to play your movie.

Can VLC play DCP?

Testing the DCP with VLC Player? Well, you can just open a DCP. mxf files with the VLC player. BUT — you must test the video and audio SEPARATELY!

How large is a DCP?

All audio in DCP is 48,00khz, 24-bit, and uncompressed. That roughly works out to 500 MB per hour, per audio channel. There’s some other elements inside a DCP (metadata, captioning assets…) but the files are so small, we can generally ignore them.

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