FAQ: Rivals Of Aether How To Add Exhibition Match Players?

Does Rivals of Aether have online play?

Rivals of Aether’s online mode lets 1 or 2 players battle with players online in ranked matches, exhibition matches, friendly matches, or team matches.

Can you make custom characters in Rivals of Aether?

Steam Workshop is a feature supported by Rivals of Aether as of September 18, 2019. Steam Workshop allows Steam users to create custom Characters, Stages, and Buddies in Rivals of Aether using GameMaker: Studio.

How do I manually add mods to Rivals of Aether?

Adding Them In But all you have to do is “ Right-click” ROA in Library. Go to properties, Betas. there should be something called: “Select the beta you would like to opt into:” Go into it and select “workshop branch – Workshop Beta”. It should load and you have ROA Workshop Beta!

Can you use Workshop characters online Rivals of Aether?

Rivals of Aether They made it so you can only pick the characters you both have downlaoded. They should just apply that to an unranked and possibly separate mode where you match with random people and you can only use characters you both have.

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Is Rivals of Aether on switch worth it?

If you love Smash then you’ll positively love Rivals of Aether too! The game is bursting with modes to play. Rivals of Aether is hands down the best indie beat-em-up on Nintendo Switch and I highly recommend it!

Can you rank down in Rivals of Aether?

Rules: You cannot lose a star to drop a Ranked Level.

How many players can play Rivals of Aether?

Rivals of Aether on Steam. RIVALS OF AETHER is an indie fighting game where warring civilizations summon the power of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Play with up to four players either locally or online.

How do I make a custom Rivals of Aether stage?

Custom stages can be created directly in the game’s Stage Editor by selecting (+ NEW STAGE) in the Workshop menu.

Who is the best character in Rivals of Aether?

Maypul is considered to be the best character in the Rivals of Aether game. She is very popular among the players all around the globe because of her great strengths and agile movement.

Where are rivals of Aether mods located?

In Windows this can be found at: “ C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonRivals of Aether ”.

What console is Rivals of Aether on?

Rivals of Aether is a fighting game created by Dan Fornace, and released for Microsoft Windows in March 2017, for Xbox One in August 2017, and for Nintendo Switch on September 24, 2020. It received positive reception from critics, who commended its deep gameplay.

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